If you are finding that no matter what you do, the weight around your midsection isn’t budging, the information below may help you jumpstart your health.


A Note From Karen

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I know you are busy and have little time, so creating a healthy life can seem overwhelming.

I was just like you for many years. I barely had time to get food on the table, how could I spend time cutting and chopping vegetables, exercising or even sleeping?  Slowly, with a lot of starts and backsliding, I was able to change my diet, have more energy, and feel my best.  You can read my health story here.

I became passionate about nutrition, health and wellness. I decided to go back to school with Institute of Integrative Nutrition to learn more.  I knew I wanted to help others have more energy, feel well, and have a happier life.

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Food…It Does a Body Good

When you think of losing weight what do you think about?

Dieting? Restricting calories? Deprivation? Low-fat, low calorie, bland foods? Exercising for an hour a more a day?  Food was an enemy.

No more. It doesn’t have to be that way.  You can lose weight temporarily through these tactics, but the weight rarely stays off. As a matter of fact, if you are able to lose a couple of pounds, when you change your eating and eat more, you probably will gain that weight back and more.

Calorie restriction is not good for your body. When you restrict your calories, you cause your body to become more efficient, so that it can run on fewer calories. It slows down its metabolism. That sounds like a good thing, but is it?  Your body adapts to working on fewer calories, so when you eat a little more, instead of burning it off, it will store it as fat. Source Source Source.

Instead of calorie restriction, food is good for your body, at least real, whole foods are.  Eating nutrient dense foods, can help a body maintain its balance and burn off excess calories more easily.  When the body is fed properly, it can do its job of nourishing all the cells in the body.  It than more easily maintains its homeostasis and a good set point weight.

Specifically what type of real, whole foods do your body good? Think foods such as fruits and vegetables, grass-fed meats, seeds, nuts, spices and herbs, and healthy natural oils such as coconut or olive oil.  By adding in those foods to your meals and snack list, you will slowly be able to reduce the nutrient poor foods you eat.  Start small.  Make one change today.

What one real, whole food can you add into your diet on a regular basis?  Pack a green, Granny Smith apple for an afternoon snack rather than a candy bar or other sweet treat.  Eat an egg or two for breakfast instead of a bowl of cereal. Try cutting up and roasting a seasonal vegetable with a little Himalayan salt and organic butter. Give your body what it needs, and it will give you the energy you need to thrive.

Truly, real, nutrient dense food does a body good.


Tiny Tip

Stay Hydrated. Summer is here with its higher temperatures.  You should up your water intake especially if you are active outdoors.


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