Crisp air, colorful leaves, jackets, football, shorter days, apples of all colors, and pumpkins--beautiful signs of fall.

A Note From Karen


Fall is in the air.  Traditionally fall is a time for gathering, a time of thanks, and a time of preparation.  The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are cooling for those of us in the northern hemisphere.  Garden produce is coming to an end.  All that may be left are the root vegetables: beets, carrots and potatoes, as well as pumpkins and winter squash.

All of these foods are fantastic to eat on a fall day.  Put a beet or pumpkin puree in your morning smoothie.  Add roasted beets to a salad or make a squash soup for lunch.  Enjoy the warmth of a baked potato or sweet potato with your evening meal.  It is a time to eat less raw, light vegetables and eat more nourishing, nutrient-dense  foods including carbohydrate-filled fall foods.  

One comment I get from people about eating healthy is that it can be expensive.  However, when you eat vegetables in season, they are less expensive to purchase.  When eating a vegetable in season, you are eating it at it peak nutrient level.  

What fall vegetable will be on your dinner plate tonight?  Have you tried beets in your smoothie?  What was the last vegetable you roasted?  Eat these delicious vegetables that are considered comfort foods because they are warm and filling.  

I recently shared my recipe for Butternut Squash Soup in Savvy Circle. A private Facebook group for women to support and encourage each other in their journey toward taking charge of their own health. Join today, scroll down and try Butternut Squash Soup today.

Revitalize Your Health Detox - Apple & Beet Smoothie

Fall is the perfect time to detox.  The October Revitalize Your Health Detox is coming to an end this coming Sunday. Those on it have reported feeling more energetic, full, satiated, less cravings, and are truly enjoying the foods.
Here is what Lynette R had to say six days into the detox: "The detox helped me change my morning snacking. In the past no matter what I ate for breakfast I'd always feel hungry shortly after causing snacking. While detoxing that has not been the case. The recommended breakfasts were filling and satisfing for me. Now I know I can kick the morning nibbling by enjoying the energy blaster smoothie and/or the vanilla chia bowl anytime! I actually haven't experience any hunger these past 6 days. In the past anytime I would conciously try to change my eating patterns I was hungry and craving something, so it would never work."
Join the next Revitalize Your Health Detox Starting Nov 5.  It is a whole foods, based detox with fall vegetables as the basis of the suggested meals.  Join and you will have 4 days of preparation, so you can be ready to dive into the 7 day detox where you eat fresh foods in yummy smoothies, salads, soups, and meals while avoiding sugars, processed, and allergenic foods. Then 7 days of transition to slowly add a few of those foods back into your diet to see how your body responds to those foods.  This elimination plan will help you crush sugar cravings, feel more energetic and ready to face the holiday eating season all without feeling hungry.
Want to learn more?  Click Here: Revitalize Your Health Detox.
Here is one of the smoothie recipes you will find in the Revitalize Your Health Detox.
Apple and Beet Smoothie
Serves 1

1.5 cups dairy-free milk
1/2 beet, red or golden
2 cups mixed greens
1 green apple
4 basil leaves or a few mint leaves
1/2 avocado
1-2 drops liquid Stevia
Blend till smooth.
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Tiny Tip

Sweet potatoes are my most favorite fall food.  If your recipe calls for one, roasted sweet potato, peel 2 or 3 and roast at the same time.  Then add as a side for lunch or top a salad with some of the sweet potato in a meal the next day. Saves time. 

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