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I am so excited to offer the Revitalize Your Health Detox Online Group Program starting tomorrow November 5. Yes only one day left to purchase the program.

I offered the same program in October.  Those that completed it gave it rave reviews.  Every participant said that the recipes were yummy, and that they found a few recipes they will continue to make.  They all said it was great that they never felt hungry while completely the program.  They also love the free Facebook group where I posted every day to support the detoxers and show pictures of many of the recipes.

Are you ready to start eating healthier by eating more vegetables.  This detox will help you do that since you will get a shopping list and recipes for each meal plus extras, so you can swap out if one doesn't appeal to you. More than 65 recipes in all. Plus Free 10 Detox Approved Snack Recipes.

There are two options for the detox.  You can buy the program materials and go through it on your own or you can sign up to join the online group program where we will all start our detox on Nov 5. Through the online group program, you will get support you need to make it a success. 

5 Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings typically tempt you because your blood sugar drops.  The rollercoaster your blood sugar levels ride can make your sugar cravings hard to deny. Especially at this time of the year, when you see candy everywhere you go.  Halloween and Easter are the two largest holidays for sugar.  Although several of the other holidays are catching up.
So what is a person to do?  You indulge in the holiday treats at work, a few at home, and you might have even sample a few from your kids' Halloween bag.  Halloween will be over, and it is time to get those sugar cravings under control.  Here are 5 things you can do to start pushing back sugar cravings.
1)  Eat a healthy breakfast with healthy fats and proteins.  Only eat carbs if they are complex carbs like sweet potatoes (yes, for breakfast) or greens in a smoothie or eggs.  Start out your day with foods that fill and satisfy you, and it will help stabilize your blood sugar throughout the day.  Simple carbs such as bread/bagels, yogurts, and processed foods are digested quickly and cause your blood sugar to spike, which leads to the drop that creates the cravings.
2) Get your ZZZs.  Studies show that not getting enough sleep causes your leptin to decrease which is your hormone that allows you to feel satiated, and your ghrelin to increase which is your hunger hormone.  Get more sleep and your leptin and ghrelin become more balanced, so you are not as hungry. You won't reach as easily for the sugar boost.
3) Make sure you are hydrated.  Studies show when you are dehydrated your food cravings go up.  Drink lemon water some of the time. (Morning lemon water is good for many reasons.)  Sour foods help you stop craving sweets.
4) Use spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom.  These spices sweeten your foods and balance blood sugar levels.
5) Join the Revitalize Your Health Detox program You will eliminate processed foods and sugar, except in fruit, for 14 days. It will help reduce the sugars in your system and change your taste buds,   

Tiny Tip

When your body is stressed it makes cortisol which causes your blood sugar to spike. Your body thinks it needs more readily available glucose for energy.  Learn to perceive stressful situations differently.  Stress is only dis-stress if you perceive it that way.  Some stress can be good for you when you perceive it as a good thing. It is a matter of perception.

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Join Revitalize Your Health Detox Online Group Program staring Nov. 5.  Learn new ways of eating so you aren't hungry and craving sugar.
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