A Note From Karen


There are only 6 weeks until a new year begins.  I am already thinking of what I can offer you to help you live a healthier life in 2016.

This fall I created and offered an online group detox program that included a Recipe Book, a Shopping Guide, a Guide on how to do the Detox, Daily emails, and online support.  Those that joined gave excellent feedback for the program.  There was high praise for the recipes. Some continue to make the recipes even though they are no longer detoxing. I also received feedback that it was so nice to eat real food that tasted great. It was great to eat and not be hungry and yet lose a couple of pounds. Some were excited because they no longer have sugar cravings.

I would love to offer another online group program if there is interest.  I would offer almost all new recipes.  I would change the focus slightly.  There would still be a preparation time in order to be successful as well as a time of eliminating some foods to eat clean. Then a time to reintroduce foods into your diet.  

I am asking for a favor. If you would be interested in me offering this type of program, would you please complete the waiting list form.  This, in no way, obligates you to join the New Year, New Eating, New You Clean Eating/Detox Online Program.  I want to make sure there is interest before I spend time and money putting this program together.  If you fill out this form, I will make sure you are the first to know when registration opens, but you do not have to join.

I am looking at January 14, 2016, as the start of the plan to kick off the New Year with a bang.  New Year, New Eating, New You. The cost would be $127 with an early bird pricing of $97.

Clean Eating is not a diet, it's a happy and healthy lifestyle. It is eating delicious, real food and eliminating sugar and processed foods.  It is eating seasonal and nutrient-dense foods, so you are not hungry, but happy and satisfied.  I provide all you need to successfully eat this way.

Are you interested in a New Year, New Eating, New You Clean Eating program?

What is clean eating? Here are a 7 spokes in the wheel of clean eating.
1.  Incorporate, fresh, whole foods and eliminate or reduce processed foods.
2.  Incorporate clean protein, healthy fats and complex carbs in every meal.
3.  Reduce or eliminate all sugars.
4.  Watch what you drink. Healthy green smoothies are good. Fancy coffees, energy drinks, and soda pop can really wreck havoc on your body.
5.  Buy organic or pasture raised foods when possible.
6.  Work on eliminating wastes and chemicals.
7. Do no starve yourself.  Find foods that are nourishing and satiating. 
7.  Support your clean eating by moving and sleeping well.
Please complete the form on this page to indicate your interest in a new clean eating detox online group program to start January 14, 2016. No obligation. This truly helps me know where to spend my time.

Tiny Tip

You can move toward clean eating, by incorporating each spoke of the wheel of clean eating slowly into your routine.  However, sometimes doing an elimination-type diet of clean whole foods, can be easier.  You plow through the uncomfortable detox symptoms within a few days, and it becomes so much easier to experience progress and to stay the course. 

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