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Here are a few of my most recent blog posts to make it easy for you.

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Anti-Worry Challenge - Starts Tomorrow, April 11

The 7 Day Fear No Evil Anti-worry Challenge has been created with the Christian woman in mind. Florence will be taking you through tried and tested clinical practices for reducing worries whilst embedding it in scriptural insight. Sign up today for free.  


Hormone Summit Starts Monday - Don't Miss This - Starts Tomorrow April 11

I love listening to podcasts. Click on photo to register.


24 Hour Mini Detox

Free download of sample day of a clean eating detox and detox tools.


Spring Into Health Clean Eating Detox - Early Bird Pricing End Wednesday. April 13.

Do you need a refresh from winter eating?  Feeling bloated and not ready for summer clothes.  Join me for two weeks of clean eating.  Immediate access to materials.