December 26, 2017


I’m writing to you as everyone in my house is relaxing after all the gifts and food.There’s no doubt that this holiday is my favorite. I love the family gathering together, the focus on thankfulness, and of

Did you have a tendency to overdo it just a little (or maybe a lot) on sweets, desserts, and alcohol at your Christmas gatherings? I may be a health coach, but I’m also human, and I just can’t say no to all those foods all the time. But with that overindulgence always comes some major bloating. Are you feeling it, too? The good new is that we don’t have to suffer through the tummy troubles or rely on sweatpants to get through the weekend

Here’s my mini-plan to de-bloat after Christmas indulgence:

Step 1: drink warm water with lemon first thing the following morning (and throughout the day)

Step 2: move your body - take walks or hit the gym

Step 3: pay attention to portions - if you overdid it, go back to normal portions in the following days.

Put this mini-plan into action ASAP to get your belly feeling better (so you can fasten that top button). I know I’ll be using it, too!

Merry Christmas.


Karen Grosz, INHC
Inner Savvy Wellness

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