10 Tips to Create a Stress-Free Sanctuary at Home Health & Wellness

10 Tips to Create a Stress-Free Sanctuary at Home

It can be tough to make time in your day, and in your life, to decompress. Having a space at home where you can relax and get some peace of mind doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. There are many simple and easy changes or additions you can make to remove stress and worry from your home. With these few simple steps, you can turn your home into a zen zone, guaranteed to combat stress.

Minimize Your Clutter

Keeping your space free of clutter can be as simple as adding some extra storage space. If you’ve got a smaller space, furniture that does double-duty as storage is a great way to make the most out of your space while keeping clutter out of view.

Keep Things Open and Bright

Choose colors that set the tone for your space. Bright white walls and cool blue accents, or soft green tones promote wellness and relaxation and help you stay grounded in your space.

Use Your Personality as Art

Decluttering doesn’t have to mean sticking to the minimalist look. Find ways to inject personality into your decor. If you’re a big fan of travel, use your favorite photos or postcards in a photo wall. If you’re crafty, use some of that creative energy to upcycle yourself some furniture pieces. It can save you money, help keep your space clutter-free and make it uniquely yours. Another way to add decor inexpensively is to ask for zen gifts instead of the usual presents for your birthday and holidays. Salt lamps or Buddha statues are pretty easy to find so these would be the top choices to ask for gifts.

Add a Touch of Softness

For a real touch of softness, there’s nothing better than just the right textiles. Whether it’s super plush spa towels in your bathroom, soft rugs to keep your feet warm, or cozy knitted blankets on your bed, adding that touch of softness will help your home feel cozy and relaxing.

Choose an Ideal Space

It can be tough to find your zen at home, whether you’re in a tiny apartment or a busy family home. Think about feng shui principles when you’re finding the best spot for your zen station. Choose a space that’s open, with lots of natural light, so you’ll never feel claustrophobic.

Use Soft Lighting for a Warm Glow

To keep a space feeling open and welcoming, even if it’s a tight squeeze, use lots of light. Whenever possible, use natural light. Natural light boosts your mood, your immune system, and gives you healthier skin. If it’s not possible to get natural light into your space, go with the warm glow of lamplight, or calming candles.

Turn Your Bedroom Into a Cocoon

Promote good sleep hygiene by keeping electronics out of the bedroom. Turn your bedroom into a restful oasis, with soft blankets and pillows. Stay away from blue LED light, which can disrupt your natural sleep cycles. Don’t bring work to bed!

Add in Some New Life

For the ultimate pop of color, choose a natural green by adding plants to your space. Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, improving the quality of air in your home. Brightening up the place with flowers also helps improve air quality, and gives your space a fresh, bright scent.

Freshen Up Your Space

Speaking of freshening up, remember to air out your space regularly. Good air circulation is essential for keeping your space feeling fresh and clean. Make sure to crack the windows regularly. Use fans to circulate air when you can. Scented candles and odor sprays can also help remove odors from the air.

Keep It Up

The most important part of keeping your space feeling like the ultimate sanctuary is to keep it clean. Regular decluttering, and keeping things where they belong, will help your mind, and your space from getting too scattered.

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