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Simple Ways to Bring Positive Energy Into Your Home

If you ever get home and you feel down, chances are, you reside in untidy spaces with multiple bad energy blockages. You can bring in good fortune and happiness to your home by making some simple changes to attract positive energy. Making some simple changes to attract positivity and lighten your mood will create a home for a happy living. Here are some adjustments that you can make to bring relaxation and joy and to attract positive energy at home.

Make Your Bed in the Morning

Making your bed prepares you to start your day. It gives you a smooth passage from the previous night to a new day, inspiring you to get more organized throughout the day. Besides, a tidy bed gives you a comfy and inviting feeling after a long day of work.

Infuse Your Home With Essential Oils

Using essential oils drive off negative energy and adds a fresh fragrance to your house. Pour a few drops in a diffuser and place it in a central position in the house, or where you spend the most time. Lavender and jasmine will help calm anxiety, while peppermint energizes you.

Use Healing Crystals

There are several Feng Shui crystals that you can use to attract good energy at home. Rose quartz promotes love and joy. Alternatively, you can use blue kyanite to relieve stress and promote relaxation. Amethyst brings balance and supports peaceful energies. Further, placing a bowl with amber in your rooms, cleanses the spaces bringing about positivity.


Disorganized items impede the flow of positive energy by causing stress and distractions. Hence, remove anything that you don’t need and reorganize the house. Decluttering opens up more spaces making the rooms calmer, which attracts positivity. Note that clearing old things also help clear old memories.

Keep the House Clean

Dirt and dust blocks energy flow into the house. Clean your home regularly, paying attention to all corners, walls, and ceiling. You can also clean the floor with sea salt water, which absorbs the negative energies. Besides, open the windows to allow continuous air circulation. It drives out negative energy and invites positivity. After cleaning, spray the house with an air conditioner to further boost your mood.

Add House Plants

Incorporating plants in your house purifies the air, reduces stress, and improves your memory. Arrange the plants in high traffic areas or near windows. Their colors bring some calming effects that radiate harmonious energy. Even better, flowering plants give you something to look forward to and also improves your mental state.

Use Natural Light

During the day, open your windows to allow sunlight. It stimulates the production of vitamin D that boosts your mood. Additionally, natural lighting will help fight depressive symptoms. At night, use sources that emit natural light like the salt lamps. It produces a soothing natural glow, positive ions, and improves air quality.

Add Color

Chromotherapy principles prescribe neutral colors to bring balance, harmony, and relaxation to your home. On the other hand, bright colors create a welcoming feel and brighten up your spaces. If you aren’t in a position to repaint, you can add colorful throw pillows or flowers to light up dark corners and ignite powerful energy shifts throughout the house.

Accent With Zen

Based on Zen decor principles, your furniture pieces should have simple and low lines. Incorporate natural Zen home decor elements like smooth stones, Himalayan salt lamps, Buddha statues, and water fountains. Avoid furniture or accent pieces with complicated details or excessive ornamentation.

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