Three Easy Movements to Boost Your Energy and Health Lifestyle & Fitness

Three Easy Movements to Boost Your Energy and Health

More than 80 % of Americans sit all day long—we sit at our desks, we sit in our vehicles, and we sit on our couches. It’s so common and it’s os unhealthy for our well being. Doctors have even coined the term “sitting disease” for the host of health issues that excessive sitting can create. Several health studies have found that too much sitting can increase the chances of heart problems, diabetes, osteoporosis, and metabolic syndrome.

What you might not notice is that excessive sitting may be an explanation of why your energy and mood take a big plunge in the afternoon. Luckily, using the correct type of simple physical movement can fight these adverse sitting effects. These three basic workouts can be performed from your private home, your workplace, or outside for a fast pick-me-up and energy boost. Practicing these exercises on a regular basis is one of the many different ways you can improve your overall wellbeing and happiness.

How Sitting Affects Your Energy

We typically don’t notice simply how a lot of our posture impacts our well being. When the front of your body contracts and your backside is rounded, you strongly constrict the movement of oxygen by your body. In this rounded place, you are obstructing the diaphragm to be able to take full, deep breaths. When your psoas and hip flexors are tucked and unengaged like this, the body collapses and compresses most of the organs, restricting the flow of blood, fluids, and energy into them.

Your vitality and mood will often crash post-lunch if you’ve spent half of your day in a sitting position, collapsed forward, and inert. When this occurs, it’s all too simple to turn to sugar and caffeine. But what if you choose a wholesome, pure, and powerful set of movements instead? We have created a routine of 3 basic movements that you can do in less than a minute, and it does wonders for shaking free the cobwebs and bettering your posture.

3 Moves to Boost Your Energy
  1. Cows Face Arms. The Cows Face arms pose stretches the deep muscle mass across the shoulder blades (the rhomboid muscle mass, trapezius, and deltoid). This successfully opens up the front side of the body, permitting extra oxygen into your lungs and extra blood to move to your head, heart, and other very important organs.
  2. Downward Facing Dog with Bent Knees. The Downward Dog Bent Knee pose stretches out the hip flexors and the psoas and opens up the shoulder blades. A real total-body exercise, the Downward Dog Bent Knee positions your head beneath your heart, which brings elevated blood movement, oxygen, and energy to the mind to give your focus and concentration a boost.
  3. Standing Arm Circles. The Standing Arm Circles movement strengthens the muscles between the shoulder blades, whereas additionally requiring static resistance within the core muscles, particularly the obliques. The placement of your hands is vital, and bear in mind to have your shoulders relaxed down through the entire exercise.
Three Easy Movements to Boost Your Energy and Health Lifestyle & Fitness Active Cows Face Instruction | 15x Per Side
  1. Stand along with your toes fist-width aside, toes pointed straight forward. (You could even pigeon-toe them barely.)
  2. Reach your arms out at shoulder top with palms dealing with ahead so your body varieties a “t” form.
  3. Raise your proper arm towards the ceiling, bending on the elbow so your hand reaches towards the middle of your again. Simultaneously prolong your left arm towards the ground, bending on the elbow to succeed in your left hand towards the middle of your again, getting your proper and left fingers as near touching as doable.
  4. Return arms to their authentic place and repeat, transferring your arms in the other way to deliver the left to the middle of the again from above and the precise from beneath. That’s 1 rep.
Three Easy Movements to Boost Your Energy and Health Lifestyle & Fitness Downward Dog Bent Knee Instruction | 30 Seconds
  1. Start on palms and knees, then push into the downward dog yoga pose.
  2. Bend one knee about halfway, without touching the floor.
  3. Hold this position for 15 seconds as you pull the hips back over the heels, maintaining the pelvis reaching up and the back flat.
  4. Switch ot the other leg and repeat. You ought to really feel this within the hip flexors.
Three Easy Movements to Boost Your Energy and Health Lifestyle & Fitness Arm Circles Instruction | 40x
  1. Stand with your legs about hip-width, with your toes pointed straight forward. Put your palms in a golfer’s grip: Make a thumb’s up and fold your fingers into your palms.
  2. Extend your arms out at your shoulders along with your thumbs pointed ahead, palms down, and shoulder blades pinched inwards.
  3. Keeping your shoulder blades pinched, circle your arms overhead for 20 repetitions.
  4. Then flip your palms, with your thumbs pointed backward, and circle your arms backward for 20 repetitions.

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